12. & 13. november 2022

Healing og massage af indre organer med Ahamkara 

Workshoppen kommer til at handle om healings-massage af de indre organer.

I organerne kan der være spor af fysiske og psykiske udfordringer, du har været udsat for. F.eks. går stress altid ind og forstyrre nyrerne.

Lær hvordan du kan hjælpe dig selv og andre, ud af disse udfordringer via healings-massage, som er meget udbredt i Sibirien.

Workshoppen vil indeholde undervisning i både fysisk massage og healing af de indre organer. Du vil selv modtage behandling, og skal også give behandling. 

OBS: Kurset er på engelsk. 

Organ massage - healing at all levels
The massage of the internal organs is an ancient Sibirian method of healing which provides healing on the physical level as well as on the spiritual level. Massage of internal organs has become as well an important part of chiropractic and osteopathy. In this technique, the entire abdominal area is massaged. This external impuls on the internal organs provides a tangible effect.

Located in the interior of the body organs are gently mobilized. This facilitates elasticity and flexibility of tissue and so stimulates the organs to carry out their tasks again "voluntarily". In addition to the healing effect on disfunctional organs, this may also have a preventive effect. Tensions and blockages are resolved before they cause diseases. This type of massage is certainly for patients and users of high interest in order to maintain health, prevent disease and to get supportive solutions in healing.

The workshop integrates a combination of physical and spiritual healing work.
We will practice in partner exercises the massage techniques together under instruction and conveyance. Using different forms of rituals, movement and meditation will bring us in contact with the spiritual level of the organs and help us to cause relaxation as a prerequisite for the application of this therapy induced. Moreover, healing rituals will be conducted to provide a unit of physical and spiritual layer for each individual.

This is a very special opportunity to learn about shamanic and physical healing work in combination and applied together.

* Skriveredskaber  (ingen tablets og smartphones under undervisningen)
* Dyne, pude og lagen
* Tæppe som også kan bruges til udendørs brug
* Øjenbind
* Tromme eller rasle
* Praktisk, behageligt tøj alt efter årstiden
* Toiletsager inkl. håndklæde
* Hjemmesko eller tykke sokker
* Drikkedunk

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About Ahamkara

Ahamkara is 44 years old, and was born and raised in Altai in the southern part of Siberia, just north of Mongolia. Here he has received his shamanistic training. He lives in Europe og teaches in several European countries;  Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. He speaks Russian but teaches easy to understand English. Check out his website

We can call Ahamkara a modern shaman, with a lot of humor and great insight into applying the old shamanistic traditions into modern, western life.

His method is an interaction between dynamic body work, inner journeys, trance states, healing, music and drums and concrete creative tasks in nature. He involves the body as a very important tool for building personal power and a lot of healing work is involved in pairs or in small groups.

Dancing and using the voice as a tool are also very important ingredients.

The tradition is based on a worldview where everything is alive and connected. The task of the shaman is to build a bridge between the spiritual, invisible world and the physical world. Shamans seek universal wisdom and insight, to help individuals, communities and nature to a harmonious and powerful interplay.

Do you hear the call?

Arrangementet afholdes på Eagleroad Kususcenter. Krogdalsvej 10. 8660 Skanderborg.
Undervisningen vil foregå i vores smukke kursuslokale. 

12. - 13. november 2022
Vi starter kl. 10 lørdag og slutter ca. kl. 17.00 søndag.

2.900,- inkl. moms, kost og logi

Max 14 kursister.

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