Weaving Voice & Spirit Workshop

Teacher: Anna Bariyani from the band Curawaka
April 24
DKK 650,-

Time: 5 - 9.30 PM
Address: Krogdalsvej 10, 8660 Skanderborg



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About Weaving Voice & Spirit Workshop

Discover the magic of your voice in a transformative vocal workshop led by Anna Bariyani, lead singer of medicine music group Curawaka.

Through her innovative practice of weaving with voice and spirit, Anna introduces participants to a transformative journey of sound and authentic expression by weaving voice, prayer and and conscious creation into the sacred tapestry of life.

Workshop Highlights:
Voice Exploration:
Anna Bariyani will guide you through a series of dynamic vocal exercises. These exercises will help you explore different aspects of your voice, from range and tone to timbre and emotion.

Weaving as Creation:
Get acquainted with the technique of "weaving" as not only a means of connecting with the spiritual realm, but also as a tool for conscious creation. Explore the art of weaving song with spirit. Learn to infuse your vocal expressions with intention, inflection, and resonance that elevate your connection to the divine, allowing you to co-create with the universe.

Note: Limited spots are available, so early registration is recommended.

No previous experience required.

Authentic Expression:
Anna will lead you through practices that encourage authentic self-expression. Discover the liberation that comes from vocalizing your true thoughts, feelings, and intentions, allowing your voice to become a conduit for your spirit.

Channeling and Self-Realization:
The art of channeling is a study of what it really means to be or have a channel, why we have it, what to use it for, and how to cultivate its growth and blossoming. Your channel is your own direct line to Divine Source, and a reservoir of inspiration which, when functioning well, can funnel any waves of energy and emotion moving through your being and translate it into art and expression of any form. This is ultimately a study of how to be yourself - the connected, spirited, activated you. The one you were always meant to be.

Your Voice as Medicine:
Beyond personal growth, Anna will guide you in using the power of voice to manifest positive change for the world. Practice to use your voice for what really matters to you. Discover how your individual intentions can contribute to a collective shift toward a more harmonious and compassionate existence.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to join Anna Bariyani and embark on a journey of authentic expression, conscious creation, and spiritual connection. Discover yourself and your potential through the art of vocalization and prayer and weaving with voice and spirit.

There will be a break, so you can eat the food you brought. There will also be coffee/tea in the pot.

There is not much time left









Listen on YouTube

Listen to Curawaka 'Te Nande'

Curawaka Live 'Hey Yama Yo' 

About Curawaka

World medicine music band. Mystic roots and sacred horizon. Healing and prayer in sound.

Soundscape influenced by sacred deserts, jungles and highlands. An ode to Pacha Mama and to life itself.

Principle members from Norway, Argentina and Mexico.

Genres: New World, World Folk, Latin, Medicine Music, Scandinavian, World Fusion

Band Members: Alberto Arroyo, Tavo Vazquez, Anna Bariyani

Hometown: Mjavatn, Norway

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Eagleroad is a workshop center located in beautiful naturen in the high and lake lands of Jutland.

The essens of our work is tribal community, personal development, leadership and connection to nature.

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