11. november * Ceremoni & trommerejse med Ahamkara

En aften med sibirsk shamanisme, ceremoni og trommerejse

Kom og oplev Ahamkara fredag den 11. november fra kl. 19.00 - 21.30 på Eagleroad. 

Ahamkara vil lave sibirisk, shamanistisk ceremoni og trommerejse. Det bliver en spændende oplevelse, som vil gå lige ind i marv og ben på alle som deltager. 

Undervisningen vil foregå på let forståeligt engelsk.


About Ahamkara

Ahamkara is 44 years old, and was born and raised in Altai in the southern part of Siberia, just north of Mongolia. Here he has received his shamanistic training. He teaches in several European countries, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. He speaks Russian but teaches easy to understand English. Check out his website.

We can call Ahamkara a modern shaman, with a lot of humor and great insight into applying the old shamanistic traditions into modern, western life.

His method is an interaction between dynamic body work, inner journeys, trance states, healing, music and drums and concrete creative tasks in nature. He involves the body as a very important tool for building personal power and a lot of healing work is involved in pairs or in small groups.

Dancing and using the voice as a tool are also very important ingredients.